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Postpartum depression in dads

Jul 30, 2015 Lisa Bendall   http://www.todaysparent.com/baby/postpartum-depression-in-dads/ Postpartum depression isn’t just the plight of new moms To any onlooker, Dwayne James had it made: A lovely bride, a beautiful daughter from a previous marriage and adorable twin baby boys. But that wasn’t how the Peterborough, Ont., dad felt. “I was anxious and sad,” James recalls. “I […]

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10 Ways to Help Kids Think Positive

Originally Posted at: http://www.powerofpositivity.com/10-ways-to-help-kids-think-positive/ Helping kids understand the effect of their thoughts, words, actions (and reactions) is essential in building a foundation for their future wellness. When kids learn how to think positive from a young age, they will have a much greater chance of leading happy, healthy, and successful lives as adults. There are […]

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